Our Patent Research Services

Perspective IP provides professional patent and technical information searches in order to enable first time inventors, small businesses, academic institutions and patent lawyers to make an informed decision on IP matters. We do this by this by ensuring our searches are widespread and thorough so that our clients can gain a comprehensive understanding of the patent landscape.

We are specialists in a wide range of subject areas:

Patent Attorneys

We provide technical support services to patent attorneys in cases involving due diligence of patent portfolio, freedom-to-operate advice, validity of granted patents and patentability of new inventions.

Patent Search Companies

At Perspective IP we have extensive technical knowledge and appropriate experience, and because of this, we are trusted by other patent search companies to undertake overflow work for them. We are happy to take on such contract work in any of the disciplines we cover.

A Typical Workflow

During initial client contact we aim to establish as much background as possible regarding the technology of interest. Based on what the client requires, we will then prepare a cost estimate with timings for delivery of the work. In preparing the cost estimate we may conduct a preliminary search, the results of which will be communicated to the client with the cost estimate. If the client approves the cost estimate, we conduct the search, encompassing full patent and literature searches in all appropriate classification areas. After this, the client receives a final report which contains details of the search and any patent hits, enabling them to proceed as they see fit.

The skill in providing patent services lies in how a search is carried out and our methods have been developed to ensure that this aspect of our service is highly efficient and cost-effective for the benefit of our clients.

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